The Classics Range, 2016 - Further documentation / process / sketches & reference images

^ Pre-production - Initial paper samples and 1:1 maquettes.

^ Plaster moulds to degrade over the course of the casting process.

^ First set of test casts using reclaimed Lead(Pb). *alway wear a respirator & PPE when working with hot metals, in particular lead which is a poisonous neurotoxin with longterm exposure.

^ Casting - Airbubbles present in the lead casts, improved with vibration during solidification.

^ Acrylic lacquer to enclose the Lead test casts. *oxidisation on the surface of Lead is particularly poisonous. Lacquering can prevent this. Note that Lead is not absorbed through the skin but through ingestion, inhalation etc.

^ Production - Switched to lead free pewter to cast the final series, due differences in density and surface tensions, the tin, copper and antimony alloy behaves much differently during casting. New system of stamping the molten metal into the patternation developed to produce better reproductions.

^ Late night cleaning.


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