The Classics range, 2016

Cast Pewter (Tin 92%, Copper, Antimony)
10 part serialised work
210(h) x 170(w) x 45(d) mm

Textured wallpaper samples, the patterns stamped and pressed into the alloy. The ‘classics’ range, the brochure says.

Time felt through a memory of feeling, of touching, of picking - a specific period receding and abstracting. The passive gesture of physicality, synthetic arrangements, imagined to bring exotic texture into the home whilst conveniently covering small structural imperfections, now serves to encapsulate other notions of family, domesticity and death.

The moulds deteriorate through the repetitive process of pouring and stamping, the imperfections encouraged, form degrading and distorting with the sense of the original. Autonomy offered through hammering and rolling but within a linear process of which each piece fits, from complete and flat to gnarled and partial, one to ten.

Originally commissioned for Replika Magazine, Berlin.

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