Reformed moulds (Working Title), 2016

600(h) x variable(w) x 40(d) mm

280 KG of discarded sand moulds, totalling 63 pieces, discreetly selected and 'relocated' from an east london cast-iron foundry (producing victorian style iron work from original patterns) to the studio. Collected without contact or collusion upon completion of the foundry's working days, over the course of three months.

Partial remains from the castings already poured, recomposed and resconstructed into new complete forms.

The labour cycles of the workers and their output intersected with a new labour cycle and intent, an unperceived interaction giving time and craft towards the same contours.

The work stands like a shadow, offering eroded and distorted versions of the classical patterns, spliced together to present both a timeline of human production and a fading sense of the original virtues. The distinctively robust, symbolic iron forms that characterise Britain at the height of it's imperialist ambitions throughout the 19th century, almagamated into the crooked and imperfect new objects.

Fragile monuments that concern the materiality of time and the foundations upon which we absorb aesthetic ideas.

Project still on-going.

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